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Time for Fun Quizzes: What Kind of Cook Are You?

Like we don’t already know what kind of cook we are?! But isn’t it fun to do some quizzes to confirm what we already know about ourselves? I mean, I’ve taken tests to confirm lots of things… I found out: I’ve got great gut health, I used to have lots of autoimmune disorders, I am a “Woman Who Loves Too Much”, I’m an empath, I’m an Indigo Child… Actually, I call myself an “Elder Indigo” because I’m born before a lot of you figured it out too. If you don’t know much about them here’s some basic info, a quick read:

It’s Time to Remember What Makes You Tick!

now that you actually know this, but having gotten so used to the way things changed, you doing “you” since has changed so much and I’m betting that you really forgot. It’s not gone, just forgotten. I’m saying this because I have forgotten, moved forward with the way things have transitioned into what my world looks like right now. I hope I can help you to find your fun today.

Ditching Dairy for Good! But How Do I?

(The big step between I can’t and I won’t is here, knowing WHY to switch) You can buy it from the stores OR you can make your own EVEN if you don’t have a Vitamix/Blentec blender. Secret to making your own: Always soak nuts/seeds overnight, drain really well, FREEZE in bags. After frozen, smash it up with your old meat tenderizer (flat side) or hammer (gently). Then it’s always measurable. Most of the time you can use a 1:4 ratio depending on your preference. Lately I’ve been using a 1:5 ratio (i.e. 1 cup nuts and 5 cups filtered water).

Q & A for Earth Momma, Are You Stocking Up?

What are your feelings about the possibility of there being a shortage of good or loss of electricity, connectivity? We truly won’t know until it happens. Panicking about it is not healthy and if we can just get our mindset into gear about the fact that we do the best we can to prepare for life stuff in general. If it’s that we need to get our “supplies” updated and stocked up but with the determination that we are simply taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, awesome. My feelings are that it doesn’t hurt at all to do some stocking up with pantry items, toiletries, etc but to not do it out of fear.

Origins of the Earth Momma

Logically, you would think that Jackie Olmstead would have grown up with little to no health issues since her father was a physician and her mother a nurse. But at six months old, she was diagnosed with asthma. Being hospitalized several times while enduring breathing treatments, steroids, antibiotics, inhalers and oral asthma medicines was challenging and a lonely and scary way to grow up. All the treatments, medicines and emergency room visits continued into her forties but at least she didn’t have to be admitted to the hospital anymore since in-home nebulizers became available. Viruses, flu bugs and sometimes exercise would trigger an asthma episode that would last for one to two weeks. It was expected usually a couple times a year. Other diagnoses: IBS and depression in 1983, hashimotos and hypoglycemia in 2007, depression and anemia in 2015. With the diagnosis of celiac disease in 2015, she was forced to relearn overnight how to shop, cook and eat without gluten. Determined to never be sick again, she researched for months the safest way for her to eat: Whole foods, plant based and of course, gluten free. Miraculously, today she doesn’t own any inhalers, and has only once had to take steroids with her nebulizer since 2015 because of a bad cold in 2020.