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Are You in Charge?! (of your health)

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, August 18, 2022 – Last time on my blog, I talked about how to change the healthcare system–you know that big beast of a mammoth–that seems daunting, doesn’t it? Well, until not too long ago, I didn’t think there was a chance. 

(sneak peak of why I’m writing this: “…By the way, if you are going to start to shift to a more whole foods plant based diet, I also will tell you that you will need less prescription medicines, less visits to the doctor, less stress about your heal the challenges because you will get better. Yep. Isn’t that the main goal, anyway? BOOM!!!”…)

Lots of miraculous and ridiculous things have changed more than I thought could happen in the world lately. One cool thing has been meeting lots of new healthcare workers who have crossed my path. They talk about how things need to change and they want to be a part of it and are literally doing that. That gave me great hope. 

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So in my last blogpost, I talked about Shift #1 (managing and taking control of your own healthcare). You are all probably thinking and saying, “Oh I manage it just great!” or “What does that even mean??” or “NO one seems to know how to manage my healthcare, not even and especially my doctors.” 

Well. This post is really for all of you who have those responses. If you don’t want to even talk about it, then this isn’t for you.

Things to Ponder, My Friend

Think about it: Who do you go to for all your health care needs? Who’s the most important in helping you decide what the next step is for any choices you have to make. Maybe you don’t even realize you DO have choices in every medical decision you make. That’s why I’m talking about this. 

Who ultimately gives you the information that motivates you to the next step in your healing journey?  Do you feel like this person has access to everything you need to make all the decisions for your whole family and yourself? Is this person a general practitioner? Is this person a nurse practitioner? How about a chiropractor? How about a family member who is your doctor or nurse go-to? Do you go online to read quick-fix type of remedy websites?

Do you buy books on overall holistic health? Or any of the gagillion books out there about improving your health with all the health problems you might be experiencing.

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Do you ever go for second opinions? Do you ask for your own lab work? Do you do your own research online and discuss things with different practitioners to make decisions for yourself and your family?

Do you place all your decisions for your healthcare in one practitioner? Do you get sidetracked when one practitioner gives you some different information that might be different than what you have been thinking or what another has said? 

Do you research on your own to formulate different directions instead?

These are all very important questions and things to think about when you wonder who actually manages your healthcare. I’m guessing that most likely you truly are NOT managing your own care, but that’s OK! We are all discovering new ways to improve our lives and this is one of them.

More Questions

Do you make the final decision based on financial reasons? Do you make decisions based on what your insurance company says (that’s a huge one)? Have you turned down job opportunities because of their health insurance benefits or lack-there-of? 

Have you ever “fired” your doctor? Even after having gone to that particular one for years? Do you have the “yearly” prescribed XYZ procedure or checkup? Do you put on your calendar other things that you were told you HAVE to do? To keep track?

Especially for women, we have been told that we MUST have certain tests, procedures, exams, bloodwork etc. Just think about the possibility that you do NOT have to do them. Just the idea of your own freedom is precious–even if you just go ahead and do these things anyway. Knowing that you don’t have to do anything, especially if you aren’t even sick or have symptoms of things to be concerned about–know this: If you decide to do these things, it’s because you want to and you decide that it’s a good idea. 

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What if you asked your doctor: “Hey, is it ok if I do this particular blood work only once a year instead of every six months? I mean, is it really really necessary to do it that often?” 

I’m not telling people how to do their medical care, I’m suggesting that you can ask questions and really think for yourself if you agree with the plan that has been presented to you. If you do, ok, great! Continue. 

The main reason: Your freedom. Your choices. Your education about your own health. Your education about what is real and what is actually true about your health. 

The Shift

Ask questions. Ask lots of questions. Be your own advocate. Yes, it will take time. Yes, it will probably be uncomfortable (unless it’s not) especially because not only will YOU feel a shift in your awareness of your perception, but your health care team will HAVE to shift. They won’t be expecting it but the good ones will appreciate that you are taking ownership of your own health. 

The ones that push back, the ones that get bitchy about it, the ones that tell you that you are wrong, that you are dangerous or that you will be in danger…. I suggest that you reconsider your relationship with them. I have fired many-a-doctor-nurse-lab-etc. 

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I found others that will work WITH me. The ones that don’t just dictate to me what I have to do in order to be under their “care.” Having to make “deals” in order so that they prescribe the medicine that I take regularly. “If you do this, then I will give you the prescription you need.” Seriously I had that conversation one time. 

By the way, if you are going to start to shift to a more whole foods plant based diet, I also will tell you that you will need less prescription medicines, less visits to the doctor, less stress about your heal the challenges because you will get better. Yep. Isn’t that the main goal, anyway? BOOM!!!

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It’s time, my friend. This shift will not be forever, I promise. But you will feel so empowered. That is the gift of owning this part of your world: Your health. 

What about YOU, Jackie O?

I personally do not have “major medical” insurance. The way the health care system has turned in the past decade has had me question if it was even worth the expense of it. Especially because I would have to pay for it all out of my own pocket. 

Calculating the monthly amount alone made me shake my head and then there’s the deductible. Some people think I’m nuts. But guess what? I have a savings and checking account that do not have zero balances, I pay cash at whatever doctor’s office I happen to go to (rarely these days anyway). I rarely get sick (see my health journey on my September post in 2021) and I take really good care of myself. 

My car insurance company has some medical expenses built into the plan I’m on. I didn’t even think about that until I weighed all my options and discovered it happily.

Asking ourselves questions or reading questions like the ones I’m asking can help open our hearts and eyes to a world of possibilities. 

Namaste. I love you!

Earth Momma

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