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How to Eat an Elephant, version 2021

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, December 4, 2021 – I saw a great image today of what my life situation feels like. Every day I look to my guides and the universe around me to help put into the physical what it is I am facing. Everyone has their own way of consulting that which is bigger than themselves and it’s all the same, really. There are those of us who have passed on who still visit us. Our spirit guides, our Higher Selves, our intuition, our God. I’m sure you have seen different instruments that they use to communicate with us. The “coincidences”, the “synchronicity” in numbers showing up, other people mentioning something that perhaps no one else would know but that person who passed away. 

We truly are connected to it all and it’s available to you now. If you haven’t reached out or gotten quiet around this, I encourage you to do the same. Meditation is definitely one method, dream work and pulling tarot cards, consulting with an empath, medium or healer… all effective.

So today,  I was moved by the one of the images from the Motherpeace deck that I love to write today about it: (and before you get all crazy about it, “oh my god, the devil card!? What evil and nonsense is this?” keep scrolling for my discussion about what it represents…

In any deck or other instrument that you might use, the accompanying book that comes with it will always talk about spending time with the image. Where do you see yourself in this scene? For example, in this card, are YOU the oppressor or are you the oppressed? I myself determined which one is ME today:

oppressed no more!

I identify myself strongly with the one at the bottom with a sword, having cut my chains and slowly making my way up the steps to conquering the oppression. The guard above the character is attempting to block and fight me but with a lesser weapon: a stick. I have a sword instead. You see that so many others in the image are still “serving” the oppressors and staying in bondage. I cannot help them, necessarily, especially if they are wanting to be oppressed. 

If it’s not obvious to you yet, I’m talking about our world as it exists today (and as it has for a long time). There are many of us who are working behind the scenes, one person at a time, making the hard core decisions of affecting change in our world. Mine specifically is about our health and our health care system. As you know already, it is massively broken.

Every single choice that you make today affects your health but also everyone else’s. What I do feels like chinking away at a very heavy armor but like “how to eat an elephant” I keep on doing what I do because I have to and every little bit counts towards our goal. Change must occur so that we can be free and healthy human beings again. “How to eat an elephant?” of course, it’s about one small bite at a time until you’ve eaten the elephant. Really, it’s a horrible analogy since I do not consume anything from animals anymore, but it’s pretty well-known and I thought it might get your attention and make my point. 

There are a few of you out there who are on this trek with me. I am so grateful when I find more of you and am able to connect. Sometimes, it feels lonely because I don’t have a lot around me who DO know what I know. But I plug on because I must, I want to and I don’t have the option to just accept what is going on today. 

Some hard questions for you that I need to ask you and you to ask yourself: 

  • Do you actually believe that you have to accept cancer or any other major illness? 
  • Do you actually believe that the government knows better than you? 
  • Do you listen to and believe the media about events going on?
  • Do you believe that doctors or anyone in the medical community know YOUR body better than you do? 
  • Do you believe that your body cannot heal from anything?
  • When was the last time you actually stopped and listened to your body? If you don’t know how, I’m here on this planet to help you with that.
  • Do you believe you are all alone and must do all this by yourself?

I’m sure you know my answer to these questions. I encourage you to look deep within to your own truths. If you want to believe everything around you is truth instead of what your soul already knows, I encourage you to observe when you cut your finger… it HEALS itself. When you got your ears pierced a long time ago, did the holes heal up so that you can wear earrings now every day and it doesn’t bleed any more? Your body accommodates for the pierced hole. It’s pretty smart, in fact, genius.

So, I’m here to say, I’m on this journey to make all of our lives better. I have already made massive changes to my own life so that I don’t get sick and am healthier probably than I ever was at 53. I am helping to chink away at the armor of those who would tell you that your body cannot heal itself and you need them, all their fearmongering and their drugs. You DO NOT!

Here are 3 tips you can start to “eat the elephant”:

  • Add more plant based foods to your diet every DAY
  • When you go to your health care practitioner, become your own advocate (ask lots of questions, read a lot online and books)
  • Stretch and add movement to your daily regime for your body (regular consistent exercise and it doesn’t have to be being a powerlifter, but that’s not bad either!)

I thank you for being with me on my journey of truth and freeing YOU and your family. Do you have questions for me? I am here. You are welcome to email me and visit me also on social media: Facebook (for now) and Instagram.

Have a blessed day, my friend! I will be back soon for more of what I teach. Namaste!

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