In all that I do, I believe in challenging the status quo. I believe in trusting our bodies to heal themselves. The way I challenge the status quo is by teaching clean living by what we eat, what we allow around us and all that supports our bodies to heal themselves.

Do you feel overwhelmed about how to transition to a more whole-food-plant-based lifestyle?

Are you stressed out about what to buy, how to prepare it? Worried about nutrition for your kids and family?! Sometimes, you just give up and revert back to old ways or find that the fresh awesome food that you purchased went moldy in the back of the fridge.

I have been there! I have stood in the aisle at my grocery store and just sobbed, feeling completely hopeless about how to figure it all out.

Now, I show others how to navigate the store to find real food, and help those who are suffering with making better food choices. Healing the body through polarity therapy, I offer another powerful way to help your body remember how to heal itself! Book a session today, click here!

I was born in the 60s

I came into this world a natural healer and light worker. Always looking to empower others & herself, I embraced metaphysical studies, art and the constant pursuit of learning new things. I am a polarity therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, graphic designer, photographer, writer.

My initiation into clean living began in 1990 when I quit alcohol, and then in 1999, smoking. In 2014, depression and extremely low and constant fatigue brought me to the doctors.

Bloodwork tells all

In January 2015, the hematologists, general practitioners, and gastroenterologist found that even though I was eating a very well-balanced and mostly organic diet, I had celiac’s disease, which was the source of the anemia, fatigue and extreme depression.

Truth in food

After finding out that an immediate change in food had to happen, I learned as much as possible how to eat a gluten-free life in the simplest way as possible. In processed foods, gluten was everywhere, but in preparing food at home, and understanding how to read labels and asking questions at restaurants, it became even simpler. Amazingly, my bloodwork returned completely to normal within a year and I got off the anti-depressants that assisted my recovery. The natural progression of truth in our foods led me to eliminate all animal products from my diet as well in January of 2016.

I am compelled to give back to the world with healing arts and healthy whole foods plant based living basics.

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