Time for Fun Quizzes: What Kind of Cook Are You?

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, November 11, 2021 – Like we don’t already know what kind of cook we are?! But isn’t it fun to do some quizzes to confirm what we already know about ourselves? I mean, I’ve taken tests to confirm lots of things… I found out: I’ve got great gut health, I used to have lots of autoimmune disorders, I am a “Woman Who Loves Too Much”, I’m an empath, I’m an Indigo Child… Actually, I call myself an “Elder Indigo” because I’m born before a lot of you figured it out too. If you don’t know much about them here’s some basic info, a quick read:

Gaia.com’s website

For even more info, check this out: 


And I digress! What have you discovered in the fun world of quizzes? Here’s one about “What Kind of Cook Are You?”

“What Kind of Cook Are You?” fun quiz

I got “You’re a Home Cook.” Yep, that makes total sense. Tell me what you get!

Have a super day and I will be back on my blog soon with even more fascinating content to entertain you!

Main top image from: www.pixabay.com, Abdulmajeed Hassan

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