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Sitting with Our Bodies Will Change the Healthcare System?

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, July 19, 2022 – I keep pondering this very troublesome topic: How are we going to change the healthcare system? As in, it’s not working as it is. You know it, your brother and mother know it. 

I’ve written about it, I’ve followed other healers and listened to what their take on it is, I’ve talked to numerous friends, relatives, coworkers… We all have the same opinion: That it’s simply NOT working, and when I say it’s not working I mean that it’s not working for the people who are hiring the people in this system to make us better. I think my dad might even admit that it doesn’t work like it should and he’s been a part of the same system for decades.

Because of my own health situations over the years, I have had to take control of my own healing: Why??? I’ll tell you why. The doctors told me themselves that they didn’t know how to help me anymore. “Good luck with that,” “There’s no cure. You just have to deal with it.” “I don’t know what to tell you.” they said. Shocked and angry, I had to do my own research, reading, asking a gagillion questions. (see my whole story here)

What health conditions am I talking about? Hypoglycemia, asthma, celiac disease, hashimoto’s disease and others. 

I’ve come up with a three step plan. And it works for me so I am encouraging you to follow along. Walk with me, my friend. We are on the precipice of major urgency and if we don’t do this, things won’t change and they will only get worse. 

Growing up in a healthcare provider family, you would think that I had great care all the time. Because my father is a physician and my mother was a nurse, I definitely got to see into the other side of the system. I usually got good healthcare and sometimes it was because of my parents’ position in the medical world: Knowing that we have choices about who we hired.. We also insisted on better healthcare because we knew we didn’t have to accept what was forked out.

I saw the people who think they are gods, who believe they know everything about healthcare. I saw the physicians and nurses who HATED what they do because they got into it for the reasons that society defined for them: Make lots of money, be worshiped, have major prestige. And guess what? It didn’t exactly turn out like they were told. 

Scratching the surface: They have major debts from school, from investments in their practices, they have stupid insurance expenses, they get sued for malpractice they may or may not have incurred (multiple times). They have office managers that take over and don’t even let the doctors and nurses actually manage their own practice. 

Oh, and the actual healers in the medical industry who went in for the right reasons have the same repercussions and end results. My father at one time estimated that this is only about 25% of the medical world. So, they are in it to help people but because their gallant efforts were thwarted because of the way the insurance industry has taken over health care, they cannot do their jobs like they wanted.

To those practitioners who haven’t had the negative stuff in this world overtake your business and you have been able to overcome this major catastrophe of a system, I’m so happy and I know you are out there. We need you to help those of us who are trying to help change the system. 

Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. I do not believe that we can change the system from the top down. And there are major benefits, people, and technology that need to stay, that need to continue with the new way.

I write this to those of you who are fed up, who have tried it all and who know there has got to be more to getting better. Let’s take the frustration and anger and reverse the direction and intent: All that energy is extremely useful for empowering yourself to heal yourself and those around you.

This is not for those of you who believe that the healthcare system is broken, but there is nothing you can do about it. Those that think they know better than you do, they told you that you’re dying, nothing more that you can do and you trust them. Oh and you might as well buy that burial plot now because you only have six months to live. I cannot judge you for this belief. Your whole life you were told this to be true and in fact, it is even more embedded into our life than religion, I believe. I get it. You might be ok with it all and have chosen to simply grieve and accept it as truth. This might be your truth. I leave you to it. I cannot help you nor do you want the kind of help that I teach. It is what it is. I send you my love, truly.

My way of changing the healthcare system is to change it from bottom up (from us to them):

  1. You have GOT to get a mindset that you yourself can and will be managing your own healthcare (Shift #1)
  2. With this mindset, you now are taking into your own hands the knowledge and responsibility that YES, this is your life, this is your body and you alone know it best and you can trust it: Your body CAN and DOES heal itself (see #3). (Shift #2)
  3. Give your body a fricking chance: Know this. You must begin to arm yourself with a skillset of food, exercise and mental health that will radically change how your body can heal itself. (Shift #3) It’s NOT as hard or as complicated as it may seem. (don’t miss my p.s. at the bottom of this post)

The video around this is “Sit With It.” Click here for the link to the video/audio for the podcast associated with this topic. The exercise that I walk you through is easy, simple and effective. 

Lastly, after listening to my video and seeing what I heard from my body this weekend around my own healing this weekend, I hope that at the very least I have inspired you to open your mind to the possibilities that we can make major changes to our own health and healing. You might like my other article around this topic called, “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.” where I talk about how supply and demand could definitely cause a shift in our health care system.

Have a beautiful day, my friend!


Earth Momma

p.s. I hope you can take a few moments today to sit with yourself and your body and be able to have and out-loud or inner-conversation with it. Your body will also give you clues to what are some core things it wants you to focus on. Mine was “shame”. I had asked my body what it was trying to get me to pay attention to by giving me such issues with my sinuses and sore throat this week. I meditated on my childhood and life path around where I still held shame. I started to feel better that day and had some compassion for myself. By the way, over several months time, I used this technique to help heal my asthma back in 2016. I had already changed my diet since I was diagnosed with celiac disease and then also went plant based. I was ready to help heal my body further once I did this (see step #3 above). In repressing emotions, we hold onto pain and our tissues literally hold the energies that could be dispersed by sitting with it, asking questions of ourselves and having compassion for what we have had to process in this lifetime. 

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