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Discovering Your Inner Teacher

Published July 3, 2021 “Clear thinkers try to find the causes, while the average look for escapes from effects.” — Dr. Randolph Stone, Health Building.

Our bodies ARE our teachers. When we ask what is wrong and we can actually listen, we will hear things that can help us understand how to get better. And we can hear, even more, the why.

In the above quote, by the venerable Dr. Randolph Stone (born 1890, died 1810, yes he lived to be 91!) who founded Polarity Therapy, getting to be a “clear thinker” is truly a skill that anyone can accomplish with practice.

I, myself, have healed my asthma with lots of patience, fearlessness and accord with my body. I can’t say it’s 100% gone because the learned ways of my body to handle certain fears and life parameters comes up from a life-long learned way of coping, but now I know how to recognize it and address it before it becomes a full-on emergency and life-threatening situation. It wasn’t overnight either.

Do you want to know how I did it? I’m pondering whether this is the appropriate place today. In the light of the holiday this weekend, I think that “FREEDOM” is the appropriate setting and perhaps diving into the “how” might help or inspire some of you. Let’s see how this goes!

First thing is I want to say that the place in life that I was at was a crossroads where I had to say “yes” to getting better in my health. I had already recently been diagnosed with celiac disease (early 2015), quit other addictions and had a super amazing health and spiritual coach (Kat Kim) who knew I could do this and knew how I could approach it. I also had been trained in polarity and cranial therapies (for self and others). It was time.

To be honest, I don’t even know if I had set out to “cure my asthma”. All I knew was I was so sick and tired of being so sick and tired in many periods of my life and being diagnosed with celiac disease brought me to an elementary level of “you HAVE to make this change overnight.”

I knew I had to get really quiet to hear my body and the voices of my psyche.

I began guided journaling with the assistance and expertise from my coach. I wrote out dialogues that I would have with either different parts of my mental world or with different parts of my body. I read them out loud to myself and then shared them with my coach. Sometimes later I would be able to be more clear about what the words meant to me. Sometimes not, but it helped tremendously to get it on paper. And also drawing out the emotions attached helped to convey the feelings as well.

I shared my experience with my coach.

I used the powerful language from Louise Hays You Can Heal Your Life that concerned asthma or some of the other symptoms I had: “Asthma: Smother love. Inability to breathe for one’s self. Feeling stifled. Suppressed crying.” Then, “Intestines: Represent assimilation and absorption.” The turnaround positive statement for healing asthma that I used to transform my body’s yearning was “I feel safe in this world. As an adult, I am safe to be here.” among other statements like “I can do this. I can handle these circumstances.” I cried a lot, I healed the feelings I needed to let out.

I went to Polarity therapists and did Polarity and Reiki on myself.

Regularly. Sometimes weekly, sometimes every other week. Energy work is very powerful. Sometimes I used my healing skills on myself when it was at 3 am when I couldn’t sleep, awoke with fears, wheezing, anger, sadness.

Breathing exercises, regular exercise, meditation..

I continued my plant based, gluten free living to support it all.

I joined different Facebook groups, read lots of books (see my resource section on my website), and reached out to my coach and people I trusted for guidance and support.

“Nature’s way is gentle growth.” Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, D.C. Health Building

Gentle growth. Patience with myself and patience with others who have their own set of pains they are working on (or not). Some things are not meant to be treated overnight. Some things take ten years, or when it is meant to be healed. I think that truly when we trust our bodies we can heal miraculously or slower but still healed when it’s meant to be. Each person is extremely unique and must be treated so.

I’ll leave you with this, a great way to express how Polarity therapy works in the forward to Dr. Stone’s book Health Building:

“…He was a healer whose hands probed and explored. Inevitably they sought out the place where the soul was hiding, refusing to expand or struggling to open. It was there, in that hidden place, that Dr. Stone did his wonderful work…”, Dr. Robert K. Hall, M.D.

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