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Q & A for Earth Momma, Are You Stocking Up?

Published by Jackie Olmstead, Sept. 27, 2021 — Self-interview, questions I think you all might want answered or haven’t posted about yet. 

What are your feelings about the possibility of there being a shortage of good or loss of electricity, connectivity?

We truly won’t know until it happens. Panicking about it is not healthy and if we can just get our mindset into gear about the fact that we do the best we can to prepare for life stuff in general. If it’s that we need to get our “supplies” updated and stocked up but with the determination that we are simply taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, awesome. My feelings are that it doesn’t hurt at all to do some stocking up with pantry items, toiletries, etc but to not do it out of fear.

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Ok awesome, so what are YOU doing for stocking up if at all?

I have been picking up extra canned goods and dried beans, seeds, nuts as I have been shopping over the past couple of months. Nothing too crazy. Probably what I should be buying for the house anyway but I definitely have been buying MORE than I usually do. I have my dried beans, seeds and nuts available and ready for soaking. I have soaked, cooked or prepared rice, beans and nuts and either dehydrated them or froze them. I have even dehydrated some fruits and pickled some vegetables but I already ate them all! I guess I need to do some more. 

It’s actually been a learning experience with getting more into the mode of doing MORE food prep than I usually do. Having a bunch of foods available to use in cooking or simply snacking has been really fun!

Simple dehydrated apple recipe: Cut up and core (do not peel) 2-3 apples, add some cinnamon and up to a whole juiced lemon. Dehydrate in your dehydrator for about 12 hours depending on your settings. I also dehydrated bananas and they came out nice but I might have to figure out how to do them without them STICKING so much to the trays. (help!) Here’s a list of fruits you can try out (this is from: https://dehydratorlab.com/how-to-dehydrate-fruit and I recommend looking at each one on the list on the page for instructions for each fruit):

1. Cranberries

2. Apricots

3. Peaches

4. Apples

5. Tomatoes

6. Pineapples

7. Pears

8. Kiwi

9. Strawberries

10. Bananas

11. Mango

12. Oranges

13. Blueberries

14. Grapes

15. Cherries

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What can you prepare with dried and prepared foods? 

Nuts (soaked, washed, dehydrated again) and fruits. You can simply mix them into a small bag and take them with you wherever and snack on them. So delicious! And long-lasting energy. You can toss them in muesli also or in other dishes. Really there is no end to how to eat them. And they last a long time. I usually eat them quickly so I don’t even know how long but as long as they are still dehydrated, I would imagine they would last a long time.

I haven’t tried to dehydrate any veggies except for onions and kale. Both worked marvelously. Doing onions like this is amazing because you can throw them into your sautees or soups and you don’t have to cut up an onion and have the eye socket burn for a day! It was all done on that day that you set up your dehydrator. And I found if I use a mandolin to cut up the onions wearing swim goggles, the effects are reduced.

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Where can I learn from you, Jackie O?

Certainly here on my blog you can gather a lot because I post weekly. And in my WFPB GF group on Facebook we have open posting, Q & A anytime. I often do live videos and certainly if my members ask for them I will do more.

I also have a 9 week program that gets you 100% gluten free and whole foods plant based with a bonus 3 week nurture time. 

If you hop on a call with me, I can offer you three things to help you get gluten free and more plant based than you are in this moment. 

Tell me, are you stocking up? What are you getting? How are you preparing?

Have a splendid day, my dear friend!

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