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“Small Moves, Small Moves”

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, February 26, 2022– Today I discovered a beautiful and seemingly unimportant thing. The compost that I have been feeding with all my veggie and fruit scraps for years had handfuls of really good, ready to use dark earth. I have been adding to it, stirring it, loving that I am taking care of the Earth by not contributing extra to the landfills, not wasting the good remains of the food that we eat and simply having a tiny garden space on my patio. I scooped out several quarts-full of good earth and put them on the few plants I have out there and watered them so that the compost juice would fortify what soil was already in there. (scroll down for my favorite plant based milk recipe)

Why do I mention it? It was a beautiful moment of feeling like I made a small difference in my world, in my plants’ world. It was an eye-opening moment of joy feeling like the small things I did for a long time really added up and the Universe took care of the miracle that occurred when I did that. It might sound small but it was one of those microcosmic events that make the macros feel so much more possible. 

And not just that the Universe did the last part. It’s that I myself did all the steps before it to make it happen. If I had just thrown away all the scraps into the regular garbage and tossed it into the bin that gets taken to the landfills, I wouldn’t have it today to add to and nurture my plants (my “jungle” as my neighbor calls it).

It reminds me that when I focus on baby steps. It also reminds me of a clip from one of my favorite movies of all time “Contact” with Jodi Foster:

Small moves”

So when we are wanting some goal–for example, to go whole foods plant based (a very worthy goal) and we are overwhelmed by how big it seems, I am reminded by taking things one step at a time. 

Perhaps this week you can focus on converting just your milk to plant based milks. Perhaps it’s that for breakfast you will expand your palate to WFPB (whole foods plant based). 

It’s super easy when you do it like that. And when that one step is done and you can say, “I’ve got that.” or “ok done! What’s next?” then you can do the next step. Maybe then it’s when your goal is so much closer than when you first discovered that going WFPB was the best thing for you and your family.

We are bigger than we know. And I believe in the “small moves” we can be perfectly BIG in our world and be the hero or heroine for those of us around us. 

I love you and honor your process of where you need to be right now. How can I help you with your small moves today? What small step can you accomplish and focus on today?


p.s. And if you’d like my favorite whole foods plant based favorite milk recipe, here you go: 

Perfect Pumpkin Seed Milk

1 cup soaked overnight and rinsed pumpkin seeds

5 cups filtered waterPlace both in your Vitamix (preferibly) and blend for 30-60 seconds. Wah-lah! Pour into your glass jars and refrigerate. Good for about 5 days or possibly longer, but I bet it won’t last that long because you’ll be using it in all your favorite recipes!

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