Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, February 20, 2022– Something clicked in my head today while I was at the gym: “NO ONE can do it for you, Jackie. You are here to do YOUR thing. You’re an adult, right? You can do ANYTHING! You can do the stuff you dream of.” You know, for years now I’ve hired other coaches, other teachers, other people to help me do what I’ve learned all about myself–not only how to heal myself but to get really lean and toned, find my “true calling”, get a great exercise protocol going for myself and so much other stuff. I think I was looking to them to give me “permission” to be my true self. But really they have all been fantastic guides to showing me my best and encouraged me with a myriad of tools to see my barriers. 

And they ALL have been exactly what I needed at the time. They taught me so much. And I still have a life coach now, and she empowers me to recognize my power within to make leaps-and-bounds type of growth on my own. 

But me blossoming into knowing that I know what I know, you know??? And while I am still learning, I embolden myself to get out there in the world with my skills, my true best things in how to help humanity.

I have been at this quest really my whole life. With my 54th birthday coming up, I feel even closer to what I came to Earth for. I have been actually doing it but not too “loudly.” 

One step closer to ME is this blog (you’re here already, thank you for being here and supporting my writing!) Another step is my new healing FB page here:


I did a video a couple years ago (see below) where a dream really saturated my brain for a few days with questions and demands that helped me to make some choices that year. It helped me again today and I’m sharing that with you. I hope that it jogs something in your mind that helps you do the thing you need to do right now to be YOU. Maybe it irritates you! Maybe it makes you sad. Tell me what it stirred up for you. I believe that our dreams hold keys to our current progress, to our messages from beyond, symbols to help us see our life scenario today. Click on the image below this:

link here also: https://rumble.com/vvfd8m-a-dream-i-had-2019-pre-lockdowns-my-take-on-life-earth-momma-living.html

My healing work includes my Reiki and Polarity sessions done in person and long distance. This work is so much more than it sounds. I would love to describe more of what comes up in this kind of alternative therapy and alternative healing work. I’m writing this today to also remind myself. Sounds crazy, I know, but whatever it takes to get me to helping more of you in this capacity.

Have a blessed rest of your day! Namaste.

Earth Momma

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  1. I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thanks , I will try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site?

    1. Good morning, Selina! I have been taking some time to regroup and ponder which direction to focus on. My goal is to post weekly but it can be once a month, depending on my life situation. Have a beautiful day and thank you for visiting my site!

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