Alternative Healing Is Not New

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, February 28, 2023 Before I describe to you how I work with you (see video link below or click here), I want to look at a brief description of healing as it appeared over the MILLENIA. Before I did a dive into healing from all different cultures, I really didn’t know that such existed all over the planet and from so long ago.

I wondered, “How can I explain to my peeps that this stuff isn’t new?” Today’s capacity to heal long distance is not new, nor is it as foreign or far-out as you might think. It also goes beyond any particular religion or spirituality as it encompasses all of them.

The internet is a pretty big place to find this knowledge and I will give a simplified and more streamlined version here. If you think about our immediate history of spirituality and healing, you’ve got the major ones: Egyptian, Chinese (Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM), Eastern Indian/Ayurvedic, Buddhism, Native American, Earth-based Pagan faiths, Christian faith, Jewish/Kaballah faith

The first: Buddhism…. The Buddha had excellent teachings for physicians:

“…When the Buddha was young, he learned the science of medicine. He became very knowledgeable about the nature and cure of diseases. According to the sutras, a famous physician named Jivaka further advanced his medical practice and mastered additional skills by learning from the Buddha and following the Buddha’s instructions…

He defined that doctors must:
1)   discover the origin of the illness,
2)   achieve a thorough understanding of the illness,
3)   prescribe the appropriate medication to cure the illness, and4)   completely cure the illness in a manner that prevents it from recurring. In addition to mastering these four criteria, a good doctor should always act with a generous heart when treating patients, considering them as his or her dearest friends…” (http://www.buddhistacademy.com/)

I have found some beautiful images of many types of healing over the millenia and certainly it isn’t meant to be complete or even a comprehensive way to show you all that has been formulated in our Earth’s history. But it is quite fascinating to look at them all together here.

Next, in Egypt, there is a temple named Edfu, which is dedicated to the god Horus, a falcon god, a temple especially devoted to essential oils, remedies, recipes and ways to use plant medicine for healing. 

Chinese Traditional Medicine:

“Those who rebel against the basic rules of the universe sever their own roots and ruin their true selves. Yin and yang … are the beginning and the end of everything and they are also the cause of life and death. Those who disobey the laws of the universe will give rise to calamities and visitations, while those who follow the laws of the universe remain free from dangerous illness, for they are the ones who have obtained Tao, the Right Way. … Obedience to the laws of Yin and Yang means life; disobedience means death. … Anything contrary to harmony (with nature) is disobedience and means rebellion to nature. (Anthology of Living Religions, 171 [Huang Ti Nei Ching Su Wen])” image and quote from: http://bhoffert.faculty.noctrl.edu/RELG100/15.ReligiousDaoism.html.


Ayurveda - Dard Go

I think it is time that the medical world and the ethereal healing type of work be combined to work together–or at least BOTH sides admitting that they NEED to work together in a more conscious capacity. Funny thing: It IS already combined as they are truly working together on your health whether or not you acknowledge it. 

American Indian:

Also, guess what? Not only do you do your own healing on yourself without even trying, but also those around you sending you long distance healing. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s just as simple as “I’ll be thinking about you.” or “My thoughts are with you.” “We have been sending you good thoughts and hope you are well.” That’s long distance healing. The world and your body are conspiring to heal you up. 



Now, you could be blocking it yourself or doing further damage to counteract it, yes. Maybe you have some karmic stuff to work out by being sick or injured longer. Yes, this stuff serves you somehow. 

Have you consciously ever realized: “When I was sick that month, I realized…. How much I needed to slow down… That I need to spend more time with my daughter… that I miss my dad so much and I need to do something about that… I never realized how scared I was about being an adult in this world. I have fears about my safety more than I realized.”  

These were all thoughts that I have had over the years. I’m sure that you have similar situations where you had fears and conscious waking up emotions. Light bulbs.


I highly suggest Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life book to look up the health connections to whatever ailment you have (here’s a page of affirmations: https://www.louisehay.com/affirmations/). If you can dive deep into what is ailing you, I guarantee that you will gain something from it if you allow yourself to feel into it. Some call this “shadow work.” It’s extremely beneficial and healing. Getting to the soul of the matter, understanding your Self more than you ever knew. Having a healer alongside you will help but you can do it yourself. 

Kaballah healing:


I myself was working with a spiritual coach (twice a month calls) when I was in the process of healing my asthma. It was a surprising benefit to the larger than life healing process I was going through with my gut healing associated with celiac disease. It had started with eliminating gluten, then later switching to a whole foods plant based diet, changed it ALL around. If you haven’t read my story, read it here.

My video below explains in person what I currently do when I work with you online (Zoom call). The difference between me and someone who prays for you really isn’t a whole lot, but it is a purposeful, more directed way to get to the source of what your body is trying to convey to you. (Enjoy my short clip of several things I love to do during the session).

Healers have existed and served humanity for millennia. Egyptians drew them with ankhs and in healing situations very frequently; they had schools for medicine as far back as the 1st dynasty (c. 3150 – c. 2890 BCE). 

It is clear that over the millennia we have had many schools of thought on healing and medicine. No matter what practice we resonate with the most, each of us has our own way of connecting with the divine. 

I encourage you to identify which is yours and work with it on a daily basis and even further your healing by hiring or working with a practitioner.


Earth Momma

(main image at top is from www.pixabay.com)

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