Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, March 30, 2022 – All of us want to do lots of things… Lose 5, 10, 15, 20 or more pounds, become super strong, get the house renovated, get your teeth fixed, get a raise at work, get your eyes lasiked, buy a new pair of glasses, make more sales, have a perfectly clean house, stop drinking so much alcohol, stop smoking, get an award for your work, get noticed by your boss, move to a beautiful forest small house, move to a desert bungalow, get a larger house, have a better love life, the list goes ON AND ON. 


I listened to an excellent recording many years ago that I tried to rediscover today but cannot find it online or on my bookshelf. Articles on Psychology Today come up in my search for sure, but are watered down and certainly don’t offer any strong words of support for finding a solution to this age-old dilemma. 

I wish that I could find the original recording I heard. To be honest when I listened to it, I ABSORBED it and knew that it would become very important in my teachings one day. That day is now. 

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This teacher talked about our desires and all the things that we mull around in our minds. He talked about an example of really WANTING to lose that weight that you put on since whatever event you went through in the past few years… like having children, stress, etc etc. 

Here’s the thing. Did you ever notice when you hear about people who find out about some serious health condition or that they were to lose their job or go to prison or get told that if they did NOT do the thing, they would have some seriously grave consequences… what is their reaction?  They had that moment of absolute certainty that they would either HAVE to make the change OR else. There’s something that just happens in our brains. Our will-power becomes a super-power and those who pay attention to this and understand the actual consequences for the choice laid out before them, change in THAT instant.

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I’m totally fascinated by this science. Because it feels chemical. I’ll never forget that moment my endocrinologist called me himself, “Jackie, we got your bloodwork back. It is 100% certain that you have celiac disease. From this moment on, you cannot eat gluten ever again. No more gluten, do you understand? Good luck.” 

At first I was so relieved to hear that it wasn’t cancer or some other assumed death sentence as far as regularly-feared diagnoses go that you don’t want to hear from your doctor’s office. But it was THAT moment that my brain kicked in to say “I HAVE to make this change right NOW. Or else… my severe anemia, my stripped intestines, my extreme depression… will all continue indefinitely.” Also, it was the “good luck” part of his call that gave me a clue that I was probably going to have to this on my own. 

No question about it. Done. Decided. It was to be this way from then on for the rest of my life, and I said, “I got this. I will find out where this gluten is and I will not eat it or anything close to it any more.” I was relieved but knew I had a massive amount of learning to do right away. 

The best part was that now that I discovered what the problem was, I knew now that it was all about wrapping the rest of my life around this, and it was all about “time management” as Psychology Today talks about. It wasn’t hard to prioritize my time, because I had to learn this stuff fast. The point is that the issue itself created its own solution because it needed to happen right away.


I know some of you have received these kinds of calls or messages that change your life from that moment on. It seems to be a normal thing that happens to us, usually with healthcare, don’t you think? Or perhaps births, deaths… news of other extraordinary events. What changed your life in an instant? I would love to hear your stories and that moment when you just KNEW everything would change (comment below this article).

The biggest question is: How can you recreate this chemical change that happens in our body or brain to make us immediately DECIDE that we HAVE to do this thing, whatever it is. This is a really good skill to have because you can affect change in your own life without having these scares, these major life threatening-feeling events that MAKE us do things when we didn’t feel ready for it.

Of course, you can always say, well, if it was meant to be, then it was meant to be and if I was supposed to lose those 10 pounds and become super strong and leaned up, then I would just fall into it or hire the right person or… all the excuses that come with not actually HAVING to do the thing, but only wanting it.


Dr. Joe Dispenza and other well-known people have talked about this ability to reconfigure and reprogram our brains to learn and heal what we need. Overcoming the simple “want” and converting it into a pre-empting HAVE to brain pattern. It is proven over and over again. 

People in the sales field (really, anyone) can attest to successful “closes” where the conversation with the potential client reaches a breakthrough even on these complimentary calls, where they feel and foresee what it would be like if they did NOT reach their certain goal. The person who is leading the call will ask very pertinent questions about what the potential person is wanting to do, whether it is to have that dream job where they can finally quit their “9-5” or uplevel their income for their current business to 7 figures instead of 6, or visualizing that legacy that they wish for for their families.

The coach or person advising them will then help them to see this goal, this dramatic change and help them see that it is indeed possible. And certainly the coach will have their own abilities to offer beyond this first call.

Yes, you CAN do this. YES YOU CAN do anything you want to. My suggestions on how to reprogram yourself (simplest method):

  1. DIG: Simply digging deeper to find out what will happen if you do not do the thing. Write about it, talk about it, really FEEL what could happen if you didn’t do it. THEN write all the positive stuff that will happen when you do this thing. Write until you cannot even make up any more. Then write 5 more positive things.
  2. REPEAT: Daily affirmations for this desire is pertinent and required. Your brain will listen to the repetition and it will drown out the “but I don’t wanna do this.” or other negative or fear-based talk. (Read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” book, he’s all about this topic and this book is certainly a classic, must-read.)
  3. SURROUND YOURSELF: Positive and encouraging people around you is extremely helpful. Move away from those who are not this way. When you encounter a negative person, MOVE AWAY physically from them even if you need to interrupt them mid-sentence. Suggestions: Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and repeat the stuff from #1, get a cup of tea or coffee, go fill your car with gas, anything that is mundane but useful and kind of mindless. Go for a walk. Do you see where I am going with it?
  4. RINSE. REPEAT. If you fall backwards, brush yourself off and get back into your groove. No one who succeeded in anything did it the first time, I guarantee it.

The idea is to have that feeling of “having to” do the thing before it’s too late or so far along that your guides or God or whomever you look to for support and guidance MAKE you STOP and look at what you’re doing and get you that feared diagnosis. Then you have a lot further to go to get that thing rather than if you can reprogram your brain to think that now is the time.

Now is the time, my friend. I love you. I want for you what I have been able to begin, myself. I am nowhere near being “done” on this Earth and I have so much that I want to do in my own time and with pure persistence I will get there. 


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