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Time to Make Peace with Your Body

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, March 22, 2022– I think it’s time we make peace with our physical bodies. Whaddya think about that? I know it’s time for everyone to do this… whoever is ready, of course. This isn’t an easy task, I know. It shouldn’t be hard, but in our world and era it has been this way.

But, I bet some of you already have done that, you beautiful souls. ❤ I would love to hear how you have, what challenges you have now, do you feel peace yet?

I go day to day–I get so frustrated with the progress of my current and latest wishes to lean up–especially when I go to do a self portrait pic for you all. It’s easier when I am doing just a talking video or something.

Other days I’m like, “damn I feel pretty good today! I am not too skinny, not too fat, not too anything, just myself. For all the stuff I do to be healthy, I give myself a huge amount of credit. YAY ME!”

I think that “be kind to yourself” is way too super easy to say. Some of us may never actually make peace with ourselves and I think that it might become trite to use these words, even though in itself, it is excellent advice. I’m all for NOT being trite. 

Peace is underrated. What does peace mean to you? To me, peace is NOT deciding to never better myself. Peace is NOT saying everything that is yucky about myself (my own definition) is going to be the way it is.

Peace is remembering where I have been, how long I have been at all this. Peace is nodding at my scars and acknowledging what happened to that part of my body, and loving myself for not meaning to make a permanent mark, but it happened anyway. Remembering how I got here is crucial in my peace, saying “I love you for what you have done. I love you just the way you are. I’m also going to make us even better. I’m going to love the best parts of myself and make them shine even more.” 

Times like today call for each of us to really make an effort to make peace with ourselves AND our bodies. It’s the best thing to do. None of us know exactly what’s coming around the corner and making peace will help us. 

It would be really easy to say, “just let go of the past” or “just be present” or “be your best so you can be ready for what’s to come”…. All these are meaningless without really doing the “work” associated with each thing. 

That is why I think of much better words that resonate more with me and actually help me to do these mental tasks but in my language. Also, it’s in the way that I can “feel” these words. Making “peace” with myself and my body is an action that works for me. Making peace is simpler because it’s like giving myself grace and love. 

A loving action we can do when we are quiet, when we are waiting in traffic, on the elevator, when we are on hold with the insurance company for a half an hour… These are golden moments to grasp with your heart and look around you.

I have carried this body for fifty-four years around this Earth. I am so lucky. I am so grateful for the parts that work all the time. I am grateful for when certain parts stopped working because it wanted me to WAKE UP and change something TODAY. The tears that flow when I am sad are healing and cleansing. The blood vessels and veins that carry my blood around my body. It’s genius if you think about it. You could never check on it, like “Hey I wonder if my oxygenated blood is getting to my heart fast enough today? I’ll get right on that and make sure it is more efficient tomorrow. Hey I wonder if the food I ate today got enough acid in my stomach to properly digest? I’ll send an email to that part of my body that takes care of that and request a proper report.”

Essentially we CAN talk to our bodies about what’s going on, actually. We can do this metaphysically, which is really a fun exercise especially in meditation or in healing body work. You can “hear” psychically from your body any time you would like. You just have to ask.


Have a beautiful day, my friend.

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