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What I Ate Today & Desert Guided Meditation

Some of you often wonder what a plant based person eats in a day, some of you already eat plant based and wonder like I do, what other plant based people eat. This will be a lighter post than the last couple I have written lately! I hope you enjoy this information and it helps you to create new ideas about what kind of foods will get your taste buds excited and energized while you build a new repertoire of recipes for you and your family.

This recipe is VERY flexible. Use what you’ve got to change it up anytime you create this. Today for breakfast I made a large sauteed tofu scramble that consisted of:

(in order of adding to skillet) 

Note: While the onions are cooking, chop 2-3 cloves of garlic (or use your micrograter like I have and let sit for 10 min)

One chopped red onion (allow to cook until soft, then add the mushrooms)

2-3 cups of chopped mushrooms (I used baby bell, and a gourmet mixed bunch, once softer, go ahead and add the rest)

Spices (I used dried today, but fresh is great too. Add to taste, perhaps 1 tsp each): Basil, rosemary, oregano, smoked paprika, chili powder

1 extra firm or firm tofu block (crumble in your hands or chop very small)

1 bell pepper of your choice, chopped

1 tsp of salt (optional)

½ 8 oz bag of Follow Your Heart shredded cheddar cheese

1 tsp approx. of ground black salt (makes that “egg” flavor some people like or miss from eating chicken eggs, this is optional as well)

Handful of greens like kale/spinach mix (today I had arugula in the mix too)

Saute until your desired warmth or cheese melty-ness. Serve right away.

Today we ate our scramble with previously roasted russet potatoes sliced and air-fried with a marinade of balsamic vinegar, fresh dill and dried rosemary and dash of salt. Purple potatoes or sweet potatoes are an excellent choice too if you’ve never had them. You can also add sliced avocado like the photo below. This last time I created this dish I put chopped cilantro on top too. Yum!

Of course we had ketchup on hand (I use Annie’s as theirs is gluten free and organic).

Image by ©Jackie Olmstead 2022 All rights reserved.

For my lunch later, I went less dramatic and had 6-7 celery stalks, unsweetened plain cashew yogurt with frozen mixed berries and my homemade pineapple and chocolate chip bread. My friend’s recipe is here (but I modified the ingredients from the original recipe with blueberries and cranberries. I made his original recipe and it was awesome too): https://www.instagram.com/p/CkD_5k-AOhm/

That bread doesn’t even need butter! It’s really moist and all I do is toast it and chomp it down. I also had a large glass of low sodium V8 juice. I felt totally satisfied until it was time for dinner.

Next for dinner, I took out my package of Beyond Meat “ground” style that makes 4 burgers. Since it’s not exactly the most healthy plant based food, I like to add this extra nutrition to it:

In a big bowl, I place the whole package of Beyond Meat

Add about 2 shredded carrots, about ⅓ shredded zucchini, 2 chopped green onions and about 1 tsp of onion & garlic powders and dried rosemary.

Mix it really well. If you added about a cup or two of uncooked oatmeal plus a flax seed egg you could actually make a meatloaf out of this. 

Anyway, just form four patties and put them in your air fryer for about nine minutes at 375/390 degrees. I add vegan sliced cheese on top of my daughter’s burger and let it sit in the air fryer for about 5-10 min to let the cheese melt. 

They are super delicious. We don’t eat them all the time, but they do make a tasty dinner when I don’t feel like being a total purist as far as eating only super healthy plant based foods. 

Then I decided to make chocolate chip cookies tonight for the finale. I used King Arthur’s 1:1 gluten free flour blend and the conveniently provided recipe on the back for the chocolate chip cookies that have brown sugar and other yumminess in it. I do not usually buy brown sugar but I do have raw cane sugar and molasses. The way to make brown sugar is simply to add about a tablespoon of molasses to a cup of raw or white sugar. Voilà! Brown sugar. I usually add a tad more molasses since it has so much iron in it. 

Since I already ate a few cookies raw (no egg to worry about salmonella!), I will let my little one have her cookies and we shall have our usual evening herbal tea.

In case I have a challenging time going to sleep because of the sugar and chocolate that I just ate, I am going to provide us all here with a lovely guided meditation text for you to either read to yourself or read aloud to whomever needs to be guided to sleep or calmness.

I dreamed that I needed to do this a couple months ago.

Read it slowly and you can even record it for yourself when you need an extra dose of calm words for your day.

www.pixabay.com, Rodrigo Feldman Ruiz

A Dreamy Desert Walk

Good day to you, my friend.

The day welcomes you and it is happy that you have chosen to walk through the desert so that you may have a chance to honor your body, your mind and your heart.

You slowly breathe in and you breathe slowly out 

First with your mouth

Capture the scent of the air as you breathe in through your nose ever so slowly. 

You smell the plants in the cool air and know that you will be walking near them soon

Yesterday it rained here

The smell of the soil from the desert floor, the creosote, the purple sage that lingers

There is so much to discover on your walk

You feel secure, safe, connected to the Earth

The possibilities of seeing luscious plants that 

You’ve never seen before

You can’t wait to brush your fingers along the leaves of

Verbena, sage, desert willow

You feel in alignment with your higher self 

As you step one foot forward towards the head of the trail

It is a good day

It is a good day to walk with your higher self

They are always with you, speaking to you quietly from beyond your present experience

It is wonderful to allow the possibility of them to be heard today

Perhaps today as you embrace the newly watered desert

You may integrate some thoughts

That have lingered on your mind for a while

And allow these thoughts to gently percolate in the background

As you are pleasantly surprised by the wonder you find

In the natural setting of the desert path before you

Slowly continue to take steps forward

Into the wilderness of the place you thought was dry and without life

As you move through the cool slightly damp air

You observe a grey and black bird with a curious bouncy tail looking your way

And you look over to the bird to acknowledge his presence

You smile softly at him

And nod

Continue slowly down the path which begins to turn to the left

As you step forwards

You feel the coolness kiss your cheeks

You feel appreciated and visible

As you step small pebbles crunch a little 

Small beetles scamper off the trail into the wild grass that

Lies low and grows quietly amidst the larger woody bushes

The bushes have grayish green leaves, small and soft to the touch

The scent of sage fills your nose and you remember their name

A lizard moves his head quickly in your direction

You see him out of the corner of your eye to the left 

Holding his attention for just a moment

You appreciate his glance and wish that

You could study his skin a bit longer

Continue down the path as it turns and see a large boulder set off to the side

Where you can rest for a few moments to soak in the large trees that line the trail

There appears to be dark and cavernous areas under the twisted robust ironwood trees

You wonder in your mind what kind of creatures could be making their home here

The boulder you sit upon is large enough to lay back 

So that you can look at the clear cloudless sky

Taking a moment to breathe deeply, you feel the sunshine on your face and arms

Breathe in slowly

Breath out slowly

Sitting up again, you decide to move forward on to the trail

Surprised, you see the top of the trail where you can see the whole horizon 

The mountain trail where you meandered back and forth

And the other side of the mountain where you can discover

Another day

Nourishing yourself with water and food

You feel complete and more whole than you thought

You could be today

As you look around your heart feels expansive love and joy

For everything around you

Passing many milestones you saw on the way up

You see them differently now

You are pleasantly surprised at how the journey felt

It wasn’t as hard as you thought it to be

Accepting whatever came your way

The beauty of the world that you passed through today

You feel big

And small at the same time

Seeing the entrance to the trail ahead

You feel the importance of what you felt and saw

On your journey 

You may now put together many new images in your heart

Knowing that you are and have always been


Namaste, my friends

www.pixabay.com, filmandy

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