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What about Ascension, Earth Momma? Part 1 of ?

Written by Jacqueline Olmstead, November 2, 2022 – I’ve been reading about and have been a part of ascension before I even knew what it was–the concept of ascension, the word ascension, ascension activities, symptoms.

I can’t talk about ascension without talking about my mother. She took me to a yogi guru when I was eight years old in Denver, Colorado (I’m not 100% sure of either of those two details but that’s what stuck in my mind). He gave me a “mantra” that I was to repeat in my quiet times and times of need for getting grounded. He told me it was absolutely not to be repeated to anyone and I was to come back at a later time to check in with him. I remember feeling very important and said the word to myself as instructed religiously. It felt good to have something that belonged to “me.” 

My brother, being six at the time, was curious if our guru had given us different words. We didn’t actually say the words but we kind of cheated and started to spell out the word and without finishing we knew we had the same word. 

We did the same thing with mom and she had a different word. We decided it must be an adult vs. child mantra thing. Nodding, my mother said, “well, we’ll just keep doing our meditations ok?” We didn’t want to jinx ourselves by breaking the big rule about not sharing the words.

I believe ascension is certainly our generational thing happening right now. I wonder if we’ll ever truly “know” when it actually started, when it will end and if we will actually know in this lifetime if it has a completion. It does seem to have ramped up in the last 10  years, I would say. 

What is “it”, ascension? 

My own definition of what I feel ascension is:

** An expansive massive growth period of time where our planet and ALL who are on it, are growing in an exponential way with regards to our desire to seek much greater intelligence, connect with other humans, animals, plants, and all other life forms.

** Our Earth is evolving in ways we have no idea how to even perceive.

**Evolution of all on Earth to a higher dimension of consciousness. 

Not everyone seems to be affected. I think I came here knowing that I was to assist and take part in its evolution. 

As you can see from the photo, even at three months old I have felt a resistance and have pondered my choice before coming here. I have definitely had to go through a multitude of events in my life, whether they were my choices directly or things and people that came across my path, it all helped me to grow to be where I am today.

I digress. In this life of our ascension, there are three other elements that appear to be transmuting our way and helping us find our path:

** “downloads” they call them. We are supposedly receiving information and even directly transmuted data from dimensions above our own into our body and brains. I have sensed these events. I have “heard messages” that were powerful to where I wrote them down and spoke them very loudly into my living space. I have shared the messages with people in my world (usually online) and had great responses from my friends and family. I have also felt myself vibrating literally, like my whole system was shaking and then it passed. There are lots of books and websites talking about “ascension symptoms” that you can go read about: Headaches, lethargy, uneasiness, etc.

**Extraterrestrial intervention and/or presence. This may or may not be related to the 3rd item below this one. But there’s NO way there are no other life forms outside of our earth and who aren’t already here and who already aren’t with us, lived with us, influenced us. UFOs, USOs (underwater submerged objects) you name it, all related somehow to our ascension as well. There are a lot of things that I know to be true whether I myself have “proof” or not. I’ve read enough books, seen enough shows and witnessed things of my own to just have my own mind open to the ideas of what could be possible.

**Last but not least: In this time, I believe that the veil is truly thinning that has covered and mystified our connection to the other side, dimensions filled with all sorts of entities, ancestors, master guides, master teachers, “angels” and extraterrestrial general beings who live on a different plane. Stories of past life memories that affect us today that cannot be disputed. Multiple children who have memories of a former life and are able to confirm certain factual data as being true. Stuff you just cannot push aside as false. 

I’d be happy to write about my own experiences with “ghosts” or entities that aren’t “there” in the physical. That’ll be another post. But for now, I’ll say that it all is connected to the growth process that we are all going through. 

David Wilcock (and many other teachers) have discussed even how animals and our companion pets are seemingly evolving, becoming more aware, more connected to our psyches. I believe that to be true. Even though I am an empath and it comes naturally to me, I have been very connected to my pets who I have had over the years. They always seem to communicate with me so well and easily. They also seem to be very intelligent and often more sensitive to my needs than other humans (relationship stuff, yet another blog post).

photograph by my mother, Sharon E. Brown

I trust in you that you yourself know what is your precise but perhaps less understood ascension process. You will find your own path for what it is to be to evolve with all of this planet. This is the stance I am taking. And certainly one hour at a time sometimes is my mantra. Communication with other humans is very complex. Each of us brings so much to the table. If we can just sit with others, listen, observe, feel love around it all and know what is best for each of us, whether it is to stay around a certain person or to let them go with love. 

The main thing is: I truly do not know exactly all that is going on with our Earthly planetary growth. I actually feel a great sense of peace feeling that I am going with the flow, honoring what is best for me and hearing all the interesting dialogue around the “ascension” topic. There are SO many theories and I bet you that they are all at least partially correct, what do you think? I remember a book that my mom gave me many years ago about the Pleidians. Fascinating. I wish I could find it–either I lost it or one of my former partners accidentally took it with him when he left. It’s ok, I can buy another one. It talked about the famous 144,000 number. And how only that many people would “ascend.” Interesting isn’t it? 

Let’s see what happens. I’m going to name this writing part 1. I think more will be revealed as this year goes on and I will truly have more to discuss about it. Talk to me about your feelings and experiences around all of it. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to be human and alive right now?

Blessed be.

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