Be Fearless When You Eat Out!

Easy steps to eating out, guilt-free, approaching restaurant like an ambassador

Published by Jackie Olmstead, June 19, 2021. Welcome to my first real blog ever! Mommas, I am writing to you weekly to support your journey to make getting rid of gluten and ingredients made with animals EASIER and SO MUCH MORE!

I continue to assist you in your journey and now on a platform that I can freely post. Today I’m talking about EATING OUT! If you don’t have time to read, but can listen, watch the Video About Eating Out here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZcfvYUDzNCWP/

Here are my notes about eating out: (2020 was quite the different experience for being able to eat out. I still use my “protocol” for asking for what I need even though I don’t order from or eat at restaurants as much as 2019.)

  • [power mindset] Wherever you are going out to eat or drink, whoever you are with, make the decision that whatever the outcome know that you can always say “No, thank you” and eat what you brought instead.
  • [reality mindset] Know that if you do decide to eat anything there that you do run the possibility of getting sick. It still happens to me from time to time. Think about in the days of when you eat or used to eat meat that there is the actual risk of getting food poisoning. It can happen, unfortunately.
  • Talk to the server about your food needs. I like to say, “Are you guys able to cook and prepare my food away from any gluten sources and without gluten?”
  • Possible questions: Does anything in the dish I’m ordering have gluten that you know of? Do you make it in-house? Does it come from a bottle or can (I could help decipher)? Possible reactions: Blank stare… or ideally, “oh yes! We have a separate area in our kitchen that is dedicated to gluten free cooking.” (yes!!!!) Or the middle reaction: “I think so but let me talk to the chef.”
  • If blank stare, you have the choices of asking them to help them create a dish or modifying a dish that you can eat, asking ingredients for certain dishes. You can ask, “Do you have a dedicated fryer that doesn’t fry foods with flour?” 
  • If they still are not responding with clarity, you can decide at that time to graciously only order a simple drink like tea OR say that you will just sit with your family or friends and decline anything. 

This is always the way I approach restaurants. Sometimes I also will call ahead and talk to the manager and explain I will be in and will be ordering gluten free items and could they tell me if it’s doable with their menu. I will also look up their menu online and especially be looking for those asterisks (*) that lead your eye to the bottom of the page referencing allergen information.

Let me know what your experiences lead you to! I have much success in eating out and it really reduces MY stress and the stress of those who go with me. “I’ve got this!” feeling.

Thank you for being here!

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