It’s Time to Remember What Makes You Tick!

Published by Jackie Olmstead, Oct. 17, 2021 — Do you remember what makes you happy, what you consider fun? I don’t have to say it, but I will: Things were so much different 18 months ago. I know that you actually know this, but having gotten so used to the way things changed, you doing “you” since has changed so much and I’m betting that you really forgot. It’s not gone, just forgotten. I’m saying this because I have forgotten, moved forward with the way things have transitioned into what my world looks like right now. I hope I can help you to find your fun today.

It’s been interesting to see how we have all survived and made changes to accommodate all the closings of businesses, schools and borders. Some of us have weathered it much better than others. Some of us have heart-breaking stories to share, and some have made the best of what happened to the world in the past 18 months.

I think that no matter what happens in the rest of this year, we still need to cope and find our peace with ourselves. Sounds easy enough right? Well, it could be. It certainly is a daily mindfulness thought process that anyone can do. Being intentional with our well-being is really essential right now, even more than ever.

If you are already out there having loads of fun, I am so happy for you! Please share what you are doing so that we can get more ideas and inspiration for our own experience. If you are wanting more, then keep reading because I have a couple ways to jog your memory and tap into the old you that you might have buried in all this craziness.

  1. Do you keep a calendar? Do you still have one from before March 2020? Dig it out, my friend. Let’s look at what you had planned back then. Did you go to the movies, have coffee with friends, have sewing projects, go on regular date nights, go to the park often, travel locally or internationally, or anything else that you don’t do now? Look at all the clues.
  2. What about your bank records? What did you spend your money on? (I’m being serious here, my friend. Your happiness is SO important. I want you to find YOU again.) 
  3. What has flashed in your mind lately that you say to yourself, “Oh man. I really miss XYZ. I miss that so much.” Write these things on a list if you get these messages.
  4. Do your KIDS say anything to you? “Hey mom, let’s go RUN in the rain! I don’t care if we get all wet!” or things like that. Our kids will so much appreciate if we come up with ideas for them. I’m guilty of not being creative enough but I am doing the best that I can and I know that time together is number one.
  5. Last brain-jogger: Write down TWENTY things that you love to do. This is taken from a task that Laura Doyle has her clients do. Twenty things that are not chores unless you truly would LOVE to do the dishes all the time if you had to choose it. I mean, I like how I feel AFTER I do the dishes but if I never had to do dishes again, I probably wouldn’t intentionally choose that. 

Whatcha got on your list? I would LOVE to hear it. If you are in my private Facebook group, please share what you come up with. Join us if you aren’t in the group. You can also comment below here on my website. 

You know what could be a huge blessing is coming up with altogether new ideas of how to have fun right now. Using all the past things you used to do to create more joy in 2021 and 2022 is a wonderful exercise. I will do this with you too. 

Have a blessed and enjoyable day, my friend!  With love, Jackie O

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