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Getting Sovereign-Mind & Body

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, Oct 25, 2022 – What does it mean to feel sovereign in your body and your mind? Dictionary.com says:

sovereign (ˈsɒvrɪn)

adjective (it can be used as a noun as well but for this blog post, I’m only looking at the adjective)

belonging to or characteristic of a sovereign or sovereign authority; royal.

having supreme rank, power, or authority.

supreme; preeminent; indisputable: a sovereign right.

greatest in degree; utmost or extreme.

being above all others in character, importance, excellence, etc.

efficacious; potent: a sovereign remedy.

The thesaurus has even better ways for me to describe what I mean:
Autonomous, independent, self-governed… 

All the catch phrases that have become trite and overused are: Mind your own business, who’s #1?, take care of yourself first, put up your boundaries, and the list goes on and on.

To truly feeeeeel it though? It’s freedom truly. For those of you who have suffered trauma growing up in abusive homes or simply weren’t taught how to take care of yourself emotionally or physically, this is especially important to lean into. When you were told to trust and listen to the parent over all your own thoughts and ignore anything that came from inside your own Self. 

There’s a lot to this. It is no small matter. It’s like a part of your body was numb your whole life but now as you learn to hear your inner voice and trust yourself more and more, the ping of touch now is new. There is an uncomfortability in FEELING what has been hidden for your life. Oh, I know, you’ve heard it and felt it, but were told that it wasn’t real. That it wasn’t valid and not to listen to it or even acknowledge it.

The new feeling feels RAW. Painful almost sometimes because it is so new, but it’s also like turning on a bright light inside your heart and you feel extreme JOY. 

Why is this happening now? I think a multitude of people are going through this. The awakening of our souls on this Earth. This isn’t just an experience for individuals but for all of us, growing together in one form or another, or separate but together on this earth plane.

www.pixabay.com, Myriams-Fotos

Let’s do an empowering meditation around this concept (you can repeat these lines of empowering text on your own, or you can also listen to the podcast for extra support and additional sound healing):

I am Sovereign Meditation (written by Jackie Olmstead)

I am sovereign. I am whole.

I create my life from my own source honoring my highest good. 

I am in alignment with my Self. I have the understanding that what I create and what I am building is very important.

What I am experiencing is whole. What I send out to the world is my honorable and knowledgeable self. 

I’m putting together a vision of what I intend for my Self that is purely in alignment with my highest value of what I contribute to the world around me.

I generate new ideas every day around what I truly want in my life. I can express myself in more ways than I ever knew or understood. My knowledge of my Self is more complete and definitive than anyone else in this world. 

Everyone and everything around me is pleasantly surprised at what I create.

I choose my Self to generate my own new ideas around my life choices. I myself decide for myself what is the most secure and definitive choice.

I am amazed at the power of my own decisions and see and feel all that is truly in my highest good.

Namaste, my blessed friends.


(featured image from www.pixabay.com, Kateřina Hartlová)

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