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Getting Started with Crystals (or Getting to Know the Ones You Already Have)

I’ve always had a fascination for the beauty of crystals. I would wonder how the Earth could make such a perfectly geometric piece of art, how long it took to create them and didn’t give them much more credit than beauty.

Mostly while growing up, it was about having jewelry that had semi-precious stones or even precious stones but in smaller sizes. My mother loved them, she bought many pieces that I still own today, especially at the end of her life, she sent me a multitude of gorgeous sparkly objects of art.

I remember getting attached to some stones, finding stones in the “wild” and keeping them for memories around that place. 

Who knew that crystals actually are healers themselves, that they emit light when striked or that they scientifically are proven to amplify energy?

In my recent studies in sound healing work, I have learned the amazing health benefits to not only sound but also to crystals who amplify the healing energy of sound. The evidence is all around us: Crystals used in highly sophisticated medical devices, watches, clocks, computers!

My recommendation is that everyone should have crystals about them. And the biggest question could be, “Well, how would I get started, what do I buy, how many do I buy, what kind?!” I completely understand this sentiment. The biggest thing is simply knowing that incorporating crystals in your life will definitely literally raise your vibrations.

A start? Know that trusting yourself and your limits for buying crystals is very important. Look up your local crystal stores. The best thing is to visit your store in person so that you can feel and see the crystals. You can absolutely buy them online, of course. I love shopping locally, however, myself.

I would suggest walking through the crystal store first to get a feeling about all the beauty they have. If you would like recommendations, I would suggest getting clear quartz first. They are the most general and multi-use type of crystals. Hold one or two in your hand and you will know if they are coming home with you. My teacher talks about them having pasts, stories and personalities and that they choose us. I believe this. 

Once you acquire a stone, I recommend spending some meditation time with it. I have just begun practicing this and it’s fascinating! One of my teachers has a beautiful meditation around getting to know a crystal. Here is a link to his recording:


Allowing your mind to open up to the idea that your crystal came from somewhere, was created over a long period of time and had neighbors near it, affecting it and its growth. Here are some questions you could present to your new friend. You may or may not sense the answers but the idea is to present your mind with the fact that this crystal has a history. This can shape your mindset that you can hold so that if and when you do connect with this beautiful stone you are creating a space of knowing and wondering about it while you are pondering different scenarios of its life.

Questions to ask, conversation:

Where are you from?

How far from the earth’s surface did you evolve?

Did it take long to grow in this shape and size that you are?

Was there extreme heat? Extreme cold? 

Were you surrounded by crystals of the same kind as yourself?

Did you sense light and darkness? Did the sun shine through to you? 

What about creatures? Was there a cave? Were you in an open area where bugs or animals were nearby?

How would you feel if I were to name you or do you already have a name? (My current largest cluster of amethyst if you haven’t seen my posts on social media about it is named Magnifica, because she is absolutely magnificent and I feel a special honor when I am near her. I never bonded like that or had that much of a connection to any other crystal. She is 11 kg by the way, so nothing too small!)


More ideas:

Thank you for being in my life. You are so beautiful. 

What I like about you: Talk about how many sides it has, its shape. 

Discover all its sides with your fingers. 

Hold it up to the sunshine and look through it (or a light in your home will also suffice). Notice if it has any “phantoms” or cracks, fissures, breakage. 

Ask your crystal what these mean. What happened here? Do you have any special properties that you can relate to me? 

How can you help me? Do you want to stay in a particular room here? Will you support my work while I write?

Are you a healing stone for clients? Are you a healing stone for just me? Or how about my other family members?

What about healing for my cats? 

Which one of you will help me support and protect my hermit crabs? Can I place you by their aquarium tank?

I would love to place a few of you below my bed to support my sleep. Who is the best candidate for that? 

Spending some time with your crystals every day will definitely help you get to know them and how they can support you even more than just hanging out on your shelf. This I know to be true already. I have much more to learn and the crystal world has gotten even bigger for me recently. 

I hope that these ideas and suggestions for your work with crystals will help you to expand your knowing of your path. As you trust your own intuition and allow the energy from your crystals to support your continued development on this earth, you will benefit greatly. I am positive that you will find what you are seeking in your own way.

Namaste. Blessed be, my friends. I wish you the best of days.

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