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What Is the Still Point?

If you have never heard of this term “still point”, it’s just because you haven’t been talking to healers about what they do. I’m talking about non-medicated still point, by the way.

You already know what it is and you’ve been there many times before. The way I describe it is being in a state of pure bliss, nothing matters, you’re not waiting for anything or anyone, everything is very much ok in your book for that moment.

I like to relate it to that moment when you are JUST falling asleep, you know, right when your cat or dog jumps on the bed, pulling you out of this glorious state. Bliss. If you’re pulled out of that state too quickly, however, it isn’t exactly feeling like bliss. But what I’m trying to say is, that is when you are at still point. 

It’s interesting: When I go to do a general search online for a definition of this term, the first thing I see is about cranialsacral therapy. Yes! If you’ve never had a session, book one as soon as you can. It’s very relaxing and yes, you can definitely reach still point during that time. There are many books titled “The Still Point”.

Here’s an excellent article about it: https://www.massagemag.com/what-is-the-craniosacral-still-point-128122/

There’s a lot of really great easy-to-understand medical language in that article. Basically when the cerebral spinal fluid in our skull and spine slows and the rhythm of our flow is slowed even more, our parasympathetic and sympathetic systems are in balance.

www.pixabay.com, graceie

You’re in a space of absolute trust, love and knowing. This is often induced also during meditation. This is a beautiful space to get to know yourself more, connect with your own divinity and grow.

Let’s talk about how to get ourselves to this point of relaxation.

It takes some focus, and self-generated insistence to stay still. Practice this part (staying still). The usual recommendations apply: Turn off all your notifications on all devices, tell everyone around the house to let you be unbothered. Then, lay flat in a comfortable place on your back. 

This first one is recommended by the author in the article above that I mentioned. She mentions getting two tennis balls and putting them into a tube sock, tying the ends so that they do not move around. While on your back simply lay back onto this sock keeping the bump on the back of your head placed so that it lays in between the two balls. Laying on a hard surface like the floor or even carpeted floor would be ideal as on a bed, you won’t get the same pressure. Stay between five, ten or fifteen minutes to see how your body responds.

My version of this is simply to use a yoga block under my head while I lay on the floor. It’s very relaxing. If you put the block under your chest/ribs and allow your chest to open up in this position is also very beneficial if you have breathing issues. 

Do this slowly, however, if you’ve never stretched out your chest and see how your body allows this position and if you have any negative resistance. It is a stretch, for sure, so expect some resistance. Only you know what is doable or too much.

An position that I love especially when I have back pain or menstrual cramps is this: Lay on one side of your body on the floor (or bed). With the arm that is on top of your body, wrap towards your backside and drape your arm over the side until your hand can rest comfortably on your sacrum (just above the tail bone). Next, with your other hand, fold your arm so that you can put this hand on the base of your skull. You are creating a polarity connection of mirroring body parts (occiput and sacrum). 

my bottom hand is a tad high in this photo, but it shows the general hand placement to use on yourself

Then visualize what is happening in your body: The cerebral spinal fluid rocks slowly up and down your spine. Really slowly. It’s a beautiful feeling to sense this and takes a bit of practice to hear and feel it. Just knowing that it does helps you to make this position really loving for yourself. If you want to have someone else you love and trust do this connection, it’s a wonderful thing to do. 

So what I want you to do with all this information is practice. Evaluate what feels best for your body, create connections in your own meditation so that you can find better understandings of what your body is about. Gaining knowledge about your own body and mind is priceless and no one else can do it for you. They can point you in a direction of ideas on how to honor yourself more. 

I know you will be pleasantly surprised at how much peace and joy you can find when you discover your still point, either with a therapist or on your own. I know that you will be able formulate really important observations and be able to see the new direction that your life can take. 

I send great love to you and would love to hear how you discover a new way of relating to your own body. You may even find better connections to your significant other or children.

Blessed be!

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