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Write Your Food Story?! Your Key to Healing

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, December 29, 2021 – I am now “following” my body, not just “listening” to my body. You know, as we move through humanity’s growth and expansion we come up with these really great catch phrases, motivational instructions that keep our attention for a bit. Do you notice that eventually …

How to Eat an Elephant, version 2021

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, December 4, 2021 – I saw a great image today of what my life situation feels like. Every day I look to my guides and the universe around me to help put into the physical what it is I am facing. Everyone has their own way of consulting that …

Time for Fun Quizzes: What Kind of Cook Are You?

Like we don’t already know what kind of cook we are?! But isn’t it fun to do some quizzes to confirm what we already know about ourselves? I mean, I’ve taken tests to confirm lots of things… I found out: I’ve got great gut health, I used to have lots of autoimmune disorders, I am a “Woman Who Loves Too Much”, I’m an empath, I’m an Indigo Child… Actually, I call myself an “Elder Indigo” because I’m born before a lot of you figured it out too. If you don’t know much about them here’s some basic info, a quick read:

Redefining Time & Writing for Healing

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, November 4, 2021 – Good morning, mommas! I’m in a very interesting place in my life right now. I have decided to join thousands of people around the world in an exercise in massive writing, in small chunks daily at a time. I started this past Monday and today …

It’s Time to Remember What Makes You Tick!

now that you actually know this, but having gotten so used to the way things changed, you doing “you” since has changed so much and I’m betting that you really forgot. It’s not gone, just forgotten. I’m saying this because I have forgotten, moved forward with the way things have transitioned into what my world looks like right now. I hope I can help you to find your fun today.

Ditching Dairy for Good! But How Do I?

(The big step between I can’t and I won’t is here, knowing WHY to switch) You can buy it from the stores OR you can make your own EVEN if you don’t have a Vitamix/Blentec blender. Secret to making your own: Always soak nuts/seeds overnight, drain really well, FREEZE in bags. After frozen, smash it up with your old meat tenderizer (flat side) or hammer (gently). Then it’s always measurable. Most of the time you can use a 1:4 ratio depending on your preference. Lately I’ve been using a 1:5 ratio (i.e. 1 cup nuts and 5 cups filtered water).

Make It Easy Potlucks & Parties for the Holidays

No More Panicking! 3 Steps Now Published by Jackie Olmstead, Oct. 3, 2021 — You know the drill, the holidays are starting up and it’s supposed to be fun, endearing, kids happy and running around enjoying each other. But as the parent, we are also the ones to do all the responsible things like come …

Q & A for Earth Momma, Are You Stocking Up?

What are your feelings about the possibility of there being a shortage of good or loss of electricity, connectivity? We truly won’t know until it happens. Panicking about it is not healthy and if we can just get our mindset into gear about the fact that we do the best we can to prepare for life stuff in general. If it’s that we need to get our “supplies” updated and stocked up but with the determination that we are simply taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, awesome. My feelings are that it doesn’t hurt at all to do some stocking up with pantry items, toiletries, etc but to not do it out of fear.

Why Sidetracking Works in the Long Haul

Published on 9/9/2021 by Jackie Olmstead — Good afternoon, my friends! I recently had a wonderful conversation with my good friends about how I am feeling regretful about not being as on “top of” my writing or business goals. So actually, upon reflection, I have been doing so many other things in the background to …