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The Wounded Healer, What Is It?

In case you haven’t heard of this archetype of a person, the Wounded Healer is simply one who has been through a massive bunch of life shit. After many years of broken hearts, damage and broken dreams, then therapy, and then the bolstering of self-confidence because we simply knew we had to overcome and triumph, we now can hold ourselves up with strength and great confidence that we “got this.” We not only made it through to the other side but now hold ourselves confidently with a staff of Knowing.

When I Write I Feel More Vulnerable

It’s true! It’s just like talking to a huge crowd of people. People will hear exactly what you think, your motives, your true intentions.  (main image from, John Iglar) Is it because I was raised with the philosophy that when you speak up everyone will know that you are the fool that they thought …

Funny Thing About Naming Stuff

I was thinking this morning about naming my latest painting and how to convey in a few words a title that could possibly express my emotions around the image I created. When I created the artwork, I was creating from some other indescribable place in my mind. Another dimension, if you will. I believe this place is also where we dream, where we go when we don’t use words very often but mostly symbols, visuals and actions taken.

Getting Sovereign-Mind & Body

For those of you who have suffered trauma growing up in abusive homes or simply weren’t taught how to take care of yourself emotionally or physically, this is especially important to lean into. When you were told to trust and listen to the parent over all your own thoughts and ignore anything that came from inside your own Self. 

Top 6 Tips for Picking a Great Practitioner

Happy October everybody! You know, I’ve had a lot of conversations lately with people talking about how to pick a really good healer, a really good therapist, even finding groups to participate in that offer a safe environment for healing.

One thing that comes up is how new and accepted healing modalities are these days. This is a fantastic thing!

I love that there’s a lot more discussion with people who might never have talked about having massages or even talking about what energy healing is.

Are You in Charge?! (of your health)

…By the way, if you are going to start to shift to a more whole foods plant based diet, I also will tell you that you will need less prescription medicines, less visits to the doctor, less stress about your heal the challenges because you will get better. Yep. Isn’t that the main goal, anyway? BOOM!!!”…

Everyone Pees in the Pool Anyway

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, June 25, 2022 – A little boy I met at the pool recently said to me, “Eeehh! I just pee in the pool…” and continued with telling me another story about his toys and which ones were his favorites, which ones his friends would tend to hog and then …

Why Long Distance Healing Isn’t as Foreign as You Think

Healers have existed and served humanity for millennia. Egyptians drew them with ankhs and in healing situations very frequently; they had schools for medicine as far back as the 1st dynasty (c. 3150 – c. 2890 BCE). It is clear that over the millennia we have had many schools of thought on healing and medicine. No matter what practice we resonate with the most, each of us has our own way of connecting with the divine. I encourage you to identify which is yours and work with it on a daily basis and even further your healing by hiring or working with a practitioner.