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Why Long Distance Healing Isn’t as Foreign as You Think

Healers have existed and served humanity for millennia. Egyptians drew them with ankhs and in healing situations very frequently; they had schools for medicine as far back as the 1st dynasty (c. 3150 – c. 2890 BCE). It is clear that over the millennia we have had many schools of thought on healing and medicine. No matter what practice we resonate with the most, each of us has our own way of connecting with the divine. I encourage you to identify which is yours and work with it on a daily basis and even further your healing by hiring or working with a practitioner.

“Small Moves, Small Moves”

So when we are wanting some goal–for example, to go whole foods plant based (a very worthy goal) and we are overwhelmed by how big it seems, I am reminded by taking things one step at a time.
Perhaps this week you can focus on converting just your milk to plant based milks. Perhaps it’s that for breakfast you will expand your palate to WFPB (whole foods plant based).

It’s super easy when you do it like that. And when that one step is done and you can say, “I’ve got that.” or “ok done! What’s next?” then you can do the next step. Maybe then it’s when your goal is so much closer than when you first discovered that going WFPB was the best thing for you and your family.

Why Do You Get Sick? A Different Approach So That You Can Heal Faster

Written and posted by Jackie Olmstead, January 26, 2022 – Isn’t that what you want? To heal faster and get “over” what you have been sick from? OR ponder this: Is it actually normal for you to be sick? Is it comfortable because it’s what you know. You know what to do when you get …