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You Said, “Just Make It Easy, Jackie!”

Published July 17, 2021 by Jackie Olmstead Good day to you, Dear One! OK!!!! I totally hear you on this! So if I were to do a call with you and you needed a major jumpstart, hookup, get you going NOW with gluten free plant based living… This is what it looks like. I even did a video about this topic recently and I go through these steps with some references to other coaches’ lists.

You’re gonna need to write these down as you work through (click on that for video that is less than 7 minutes) this.

HERE you go: 

  1. What foods have you ever said this about: “I would eat this every day if I could!” (write them down like, “I LOVE stir fries”)
  2. What types of meals have you eaten regularly (see video for idea prompters, like, sandwiches for lunch, oatmeal at breakfast or scrambles…)
  3. Take a piece of paper and loosely draw out 7 columns (days).
  4. And separate out each day with however many meals you eat (3, 5, 7?)
  5. This is your weekly template. It doesn’t have to be gorgeous or anything (especially if you are a control freak like me) but just getting it down on paper is golden.
  6. On another piece of paper write down 3 options per meal that you might give yourself. (like breakfast I’ll do a scramble, oatmeal, yoghurt + fruit, my faves) Take from the idea prompt list.
  7. LASTLY, draft out a week of ideas per meal that you would like to prep for (either ahead of time or on that same day).
  8. Important variable that you might need help with. I recently was chatting with a member of my private Facebook group (see link below to join) and she mentioned that she has many types of foods that she cannot eat. So, if you are in this situation, I still recommend this method of jumpstarting your regime or getting new ideas for what you are going to plan to eat. The change would be to write down what foods you are actually able to eat so that you have it in front of you while you plan. I think that the challenge is finding what other foods you can replace in recipes that call for your restricted foods. There are lots of ways of modifying recipes so that you can still enjoy what the recipe is but replacing the ingredients with things you can eat. And it’s going to be a recipe-by-recipe experience. My best advice (after working through my tips in this blog post) is to post your recipe that you would like to make and are having troubles with recreating so that one of the people in the group can help you find alternative ingredients or even a different recipe altogether.

NOTE: While this system absolutely works, you must put forth some effort and commitment to accomplish this. And by the way, this works for anything that you want to do. This is the beginning of being the Gluten Queen or Earth Momma Diva!!!

That’s it! Enjoy the video too if you can!

Hope you found that useful, of course this is just one step on my Ditch the Gluten roadmap. This lesson is step 1 part C, if you need a more in-depth training go to http://www.theGlutenQueen.com and I’ll see you next time. Bye for now!

In case you haven’t seen the other ways I can help you:
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With love, Jackie O (aka Gluten Queen & Earth Momma)

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