Hello, my friend! I help moms create a delicious
holistic lifestyle so they can massively improve
their whole family’s health… without sacrificing
time, flavor or sanity.

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Gluten Free Plant Based Coaching

Get those meals planned, ideas generated and feel better immediately!

1-on-1 Healing Sessions

Balance your body’s natural polarities with an in-person or long-distance Reiki-infused Polarity Therapy session.

Graphics & Tutoring

I solve graphics needs locally and remotely and occasionally tutor local students to help them achieve their education goals.

Featured Articles

“You are genuine and make people feel at ease and comfortable around you. Your positive outlook makes you contagious. It makes me want to be positive and look on the bright side. You are thoughtful and willing to help others.”


“Working with Jackie is such an amazing experience. Her calming, healing energy works wonders every time we have a session. The polarity work she does helps me feel more balanced and she always gives me a new tactic to integrate those feelings into my regular life. It’s truly been a blessing to receive her energy work, and I look forward to more sessions!”


“Your insights on being positive energy [what she loves about my work]. I enjoy hearing about how you continue to explore ideas and opportunities to do these things that you love. How you constantly move in ways with purpose, passion and love.”


“I feel invigorated yet calmed and balanced. I feel so grateful for Jackie’s time and energy.”


“Jackie has really good intuition and instincts and she is right on target! Jackie is amazing and very tuned in to what is needed.”